Why Should Why Should Honey Pear Tea Be Your New Favorite Be Your New Favorite?

For tea lovers, tea time is always the best time. For centuries, tea has been considered a drink stacked with multiple health benefits. Tea is also well-loved because of its versatility as you can enjoy it hot or cold, depending on your preferences. There are also different types of teas which come in a number of flavors and variations, so you will surely find one that’s perfect for you.

Honey Pear Tea – Your New Favorite Tea

Honey Pear Tea

Tea comes next to water when t comes to the world’s most popular drink. What makes them more exciting is the fact that tea comes in an array of flavors. There are so many that you can probably enjoy a different tea variants every day throughout the year.  And yes, you can experiment in flavors as much as you want, until you can find the one tea perfect for you.

One of the must-try variant of fruit-based tea is the honey pear tea. It essentially combined the immaculate taste of the sweet, luscious pear and the golden honey. Despite its natural sweetness though, honey pear tea comes with a rather surprising bold taste.

Honey pear tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. It has a delicious and full flavor that can easily stand out from among other tea flavors. And, its wonderful aroma only adds to its appeal. Indeed, this blend of honey and pear fruity black tea is another exciting tea variant that can be your go-to morning drink to set you up for yet another long day.

How to Enjoy Your Honey Pear Tea: Honey Pear Iced Tea Recipe

Need a refreshing drink? This honey pear iced tea should be perfect to quench your thirst during a hot, sunny afternoon.

Here’s how to prepare a delicious Honey Pear iced tea:

  1. Bring water into a boil.
  2. Add a few teaspoons of the loose Honey Pear Tea leaves unto the teapot’s infuser. You can use this measurement for a cold iced tea, two to four teaspoons of the Honey Pear Tea for an 8 ounce of water.
  3. Pour the boiling water into the tea.
  4. Allow about three to five minutes to steep so you can enjoy the full flavor.
  5. Remove from the infuser.
  6. You can add a bit of sugar if desired, or, you can enjoy it as is.
  7. Add a cup of cold water.
  8. Add ice cubes and enjoy!

The Benefits of Honey Pear Tea

Honey Pear Tea

Honey Pear Tea has the goodness of both the succulent pear fruit and the classic honey. As a black tea, it contains a great amount of antioxidants, thanks to the chemical called catechins that black tea is known to have. The presence of these antioxidants is beneficial for your heart health, aid in reducing cholesterol levels and helps fight the early signs of aging. As pears are naturally diuretic, drinking honey pear tea is great for digestion, perfect for gut cleansing.

Honey Pear Tea

With its rich and delicious taste, plus healthy goodness you’ll surely have more reasons to drink a cup or two of honey pear tea. It won’t even be surprising if this tea will become your favorite tea drink.