Why Are Therapy Chickens Becoming Trendy?

We eat so much chicken that sometimes we forget that they are animal but farm-grown protein supplements. Well, these days, chickens are becoming something else – therapy animals. Yes, you can get help from petting a chicken if you are having a rough time. Actually, apart from being a tasty dinner, chickens are very intelligent and witty.

Moreover, they are very social. This trait of being social makes them such a good therapy animal. The chicken will keep you busy enough but not become any burden at any point.

However, people don’t know that chickens are very talkative. They have 24 vocalizations. So, you will be entertained with so many different tones of clucking all day round.

Why Are Therapy Chickens Becoming Trendy?

Not all chickens have the same personality. Some tend to be bossy, some talkative, some complainer, while some think that they are not chicken but an eagle!

So, there is a perfect match for every one of us. We all know some guy, friend of a friend of a friend who is allergic to cats or dogs. Getting a chicken might be a perfect option for them.

Initially, a research team from the University of North Umbria has introduced the use of chickens as therapy animals in the old homes. The result was astounding – the nurses and research team had noticed the senior citizens being happier and more active throughout the day!

Why Are Therapy Chickens Becoming Trendy?

The researchers have concluded that therapy chickens can reduce negative emotions like depression and loneliness.

Kate Kahles, executive director of Morningside Health Center, said, “We have noticed more interaction between some residents. We found we have some male residents who will sit there, and they’ll talk to the staff a lot more about the chickens; they’ll make jokes — it was especially useful in getting them to socialize with other people.”

As the chickens spark conversation, they can help someone retrieving old memories. Jane Merlin, from an organization called Furry Tales, said, “We’ve now developed a series of outreach packages where we take chickens and other animals to a hospital dementia ward, various residential homes, and to sheltered housing, visiting each location for eight weeks. Some of our clients are isolated or socially excluded, so we help to combat that, generate conversations, and promote positive relationships.”

Why Are Therapy Chickens Becoming Trendy?

Some like the animal for its budget-friendly price tag. A report from Psychology Today says, “They can make good therapy pets for people who live with a backyard because they cost much less than dogs. Care-taking is good for you, when it’s not overwhelming and a chicken can provide an “un-anxious example of how to live without worry.”