5 Tips to Keeping Your House Clean

If you are tired of spending your weekends cleaning only for your house to look like you did nothing by Tuesday, this is for you. The secret to having a clean house all year round is to do small tasks daily so that clutter doesn’t get out of control. Maintaining a tidy space starts with what you do in the morning and doesn’t end until you get back to bed. Here are a few tips to get you there.

5 Tips to Keeping Your House Clean

Involve the Whole Family

If you want to make significant progress in keeping a clean home, everyone should be on board with the plan. Share the idea with your spouse and the kids. Train your children to carry out age-appropriate tasks. For instance, a three-year-old can put away their toys, and a ten-year-old can do dishes. Ask everyone to clean after themselves and return things when they are done using them. You will be amazed at just how these small activities can make a huge overall difference.

Do One Load of Laundry Every Day

5 Tips to Keeping Your House Clean

Depending on the number of packs you do in a week, you might not have to do this daily. However, if you have a large family and you do many loads of laundry over the weekend, taking care of some batches will come in handy. Get in the habit of putting one load every morning, or you skip a day. That way, your home will stay neat without burdening yourself over the weekend.

Identify the High Traffic Areas

If you focus on cleaning the high traffic areas, you will prevent dirt from spreading throughout the house. The kitchen and bathroom are the primary culprits. Set aside a dedicated area by the front door, where you place your shoes before entering the house. Small rugs at entrances also help in trapping incoming dust. If you live with a pet, have a towel by the door to wipe their paws before they enter the house.

Don’t Leave a Room Empty-Handed

5 Tips to Keeping Your House Clean

However simple this habit seems, it will go a long way in enhancing the tidiness of your house. As you move from a room to another, carry anything that belongs to the other room. If yes, don’t hesitate to bring it on your way out. However, take only what you can put away within the period. Otherwise, taking a bunch of stuff that you won’t arrange will worsen the situation.

Be Satisfied With “Clean Enough”

The habit is the hardest one for perfectionists to follow. Everyone wants to live in a clean and tidy place, but that doesn’t mean it should be perfect. Work towards the 80/20 rule. It dictates that you should be happy when 80% of the cleaning is done. Don’t get caught up in the remaining 20% because no good will originate from there. Prioritize the parts that mean the most to you, and they give them 80% percentage, which means you should clean them regularly. The other parts take 20%, and you do them during your in-depth cleaning schedule.