What is it all about? The Atkins Diet

There has been a recent rise in the number of diets being promoted all with the goal of helping you lose weight. That is nice and all, especially when most of the population is having that one as a problem. However, not all of these diets that are being released and claimed to be proven are effective. Some of them are just fads.

Fad diets are normally those which claim to be effective in spite not having a long-time commitment. Instead, you lose weight with minimal effort. In fact, some of them claim to not require any exercise at all.

What is it all about? The Atkins Diet

On the other hand, there are those which can be true. Many claims that the Atkins diet is one of them.

So, what is the Atkins diet?

The Atkins diet was formulated by Dr. Robert Atkins back in the 1972 in a best-selling book. The idea behind it is that you can lose weight by cutting down on your carbohydrates. Instead, you eat as much protein and fat as you possibly can. This eliminates the need to count calories, and in theory, help improve your overall health. However, this diet did not have a storybook beginning. When it was first proposed, many demonized especially those in the mainstream health industry because of the high fat content that the food it recommends. Luckily, recent research shows that the specific fat that the Atkins diet is pertaining to is saturated. Saturated fat is the healthy kind of fat, and thus, harmless.

The Atkins diet is a four phased dietary plan. Phase one is the induction phase where you are supposed to eat a total of less than 20 grams of carbohydrates. Instead, eat those which are high in fat and protein. This will jumpstart the weight loss.

The second phase is when you start balancing your diet. This is when you add some nuts, low-carb vegetables, and small amounts of fruit. The third phase is when you add more carbs into your diet. However, this should only be done when you are close to your target weight.

Lastly, the fourth phase. This is when you maintain the weight that you were trying to achieve by eating as much healthy carbohydrates that your body can tolerate.

Researchers has studied the diet a little bit more after that. It has then proven itself to be quite effective. This is because food intake that is high in protein reduces one’s appetite which means reduction in the number of calories that you take in. That is why, you do not have to count calories anymore once you started on the Atkins diet.

What is it all about? The Atkins Diet

In addition, there has been proof that eating diet which is high in protein showed significant improvement in the body’s sugar levels, good cholesterol, triglycerides, and other health markers than those which are low in fat.

You also do not have to worry about your fat intake because, in spite the high saturated fat you are taking in, bad cholesterol does not show any increase.

Fad diets are just fads until they are proven to be true. Atkins diet has passed that test with many researches backing its claim.