Tips For Exercising While Expecting

You have probably heard that doing exercise during pregnancy time is not a good idea. Even doctors in the past decades thought that and recommended their patients to stop any kind of physical activity during those 9 months to avoid causing any damage to the baby. This, however, isn’t really true.

Tips For Exercising While Expecting

New studies and testimonies have proved that exercising during the pregnancy is not only harmless but it can actually be good for you and your child. It can help you deal with some of the usual problems you can find during this stage like backaches and bad postures. It also prevents gestational diabetes and helps keep strong those muscles you’ll later use during labor. Keeping your body fit during the pregnancy can be a little challenging but is certainly a great idea.
Now, we do need to take some things into account to make sure you are doing the right type of exercise in the right amount without putting your health or your baby’s health at risk. If you are already accustomed to doing exercise, maintaining it would be easier that if you aren’t. However, you need to take into account that you won’t be doing the same exercises you did before pregnancy. Neither will you be doing them as hard as before. Pregnancy condition requires you to slow down a little bit from what you did before.

In order to protect your bones and joints, low impact exercises are much more recommendable. Remember your body is permanently carrying an extra pounds on your belly from your baby’s body, it is like saying you are doing all those activities with a couple more weights on. If you add weight to your exercise you are obviously making more effort, so the intensity has to low down a little.

First of all I would recommend to always ask your doctor before you take on any activity. Our bodies are different one from another and not all pregnancies are equal. So follow the instructions of your doctor always, above all things if you do have any condition that can influence your pregnancy. Here are some tips for exercising during your pregnancy.

Tips For Exercising While Expecting


Walking is a good exercise which won’t force you to do too much effort. It’ll help to stay fit and keep your legs strong. You can go for a walk with your friends and enjoy it. That would be a great opportunity to have a talk with them.


Swimming is also a good cardio activity, and it helps strengthen your legs, arms and core. There are some courses available for pregnant moms. Instructors help you providing water activities specifically designed for pregnancy.

Stationary cycling

Cycling is also a great option for exercising. Taking a bike ride could be a little risky, given the possibility that one could fall or crash with someone on the way. Stationary bikes don’t have that problem, though. They are safe and provide a good cardio activity you can do at any time of the day.