Walmart Cameras Captured These Photos


Shirt Slogan

Y’know when you see these really awful t-shirts online, and you think “hey, I wonder who actually spends money on these things?” It looks like we’ve just found someone who fits the bill, as he proudly walks around his local Walmart displaying the words “While you were reading this: I Farted” on his back, for the world to see. Delightful, thanks for sharing buddy. At least we know to stand downwind from you we suppose.

shirt slogan


Hmm.. This guys shirt reads “smooth talker, straight shooter” and then right underneath, we can see an alluring flash of his ladies underwear, sticking out from his jeans. It doesn’t appear to be a mistake, so maybe the irony is part of the fun for this guy! It certainly gets people’s attention, and he seems confident enough to pull off this unusual look, so good for him! Maybe Walmart isn’t the place for flashing your underwear, that’s all.


Prize Winning Cucumber

Wow, that’s the biggest cucumber we’ve ever seen. This girl seems to think so as well. Maybe it won a prize at a country fair already. Or maybe it’s been pumped with chemicals to grow to an enormous size. Either way, we can pretty much guess what this girl is thinking by the looks of her very astounded expression, as she holds this gargantuan vegetable in her hands. We’re wondering if she actually purchased this and how many people she’s going to feed with it.

Easter Claus

This guy is in a festive mood, and clearly isn’t interested in waiting until December. Hey, Coca Cola managed to turn Christmas into a sensation, complete with red and white Santa Claus, and the whole nation goes crazy for decorations, presents, and kitsch Christmas outfits. Why can’t he do the same for Easter? We love his outfit, complete with bunnies and chocolate eggs galore. What a great idea!

Easter claus


Meat Lover

I know. I love meat as well. A good barbeque, with hot dogs, wings, maybe some ribs and BBQ sauce. I’m there, I’m front of the queue. But I don’t usually crawl right inside the freezer in Walmart and lay the meat on top of me like I’m a table. Perhaps they’re in the middle of acing a game of Hide and Go Seek? Maybe they were just looking for a way to cool down? Or maybe they really are an even greater meat-lover than I am?

meat fetish

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans have been all the rage a few times over the past couple of decades, but the distressed look isn’t quite in fashion right now. We also haven’t really seen such an extreme version of the style, complete will full rips all the way down the legs, and on the back as well! It doesn’t seem like she’s wearing the jeans backwards, so maybe she is somewhat of a fashion maven and she made them herself! DIY, all you need is one pair of scissors!

torn jeans walmart


What? You mean you guys leave your poor little turtle at home when you go shopping? You don’t have an adorable little turtle leash which you got from which you can use to take him with you on all of your errands? This guy is clearly a more loving pet-owner than the rest of us, and wouldn’t dream of Timmy Turtle being left by himself, when he has the opportunity to take him to Walmart with him.


Fashion icon

Woah, this dude looks like an optical illusion, or at least a very strange shape indeed. The bad boy style is to wear your jeans so low that your boxer shorts are on display, and we’ve seen loads of guys pull it off successfully. This updated version involves a super long wife-beater vest, tucked into those trousers, so there are no underpants to be seen, just a really slinky snake silhouette! Maybe it will take off, but we don’t think so somehow!

tucked in vest walmart


Santa came early this year! This Santa Claus grandpa is just another reminder that Walmart should have a dress code. At least these girls were probably happy to see him when they were just expecting another boring day of going with Mom for groceries. The parents that decided to take their children to Walmart that day were probably not so thrilled to have to get extra presents for this extremely early Christmas. Thanks again Santa!


UGGS can be expensive, we hear you. Even on sale, they are double the price of many other types of boots, and for what really? For that little label that shows on the back of your ankle that you’ve got some of these elite shoes. This woman worked out a snazzy hack to that problem, writing her own UGG label and sticking it onto her boots. And you totally can’t tell! (If you shut your eyes)

Uggs walmart


Wedding Day

The happiest day of your life. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself surrounded by your loved ones, promising eternity to the person of your dreams. Where are you standing? A church? A park? The beach? Or is it Walmart, like these two? We wonder what they needed to pick up so urgently that it absolutely couldn’t wait until the honeymoon was finished. Oh wait, we’ve worked it out. Never mind.

wedding day

Lizard Brain

Heard the expression Lizard Brain? It means that you get a hunch about something, or that tiny part of your brain somewhere within knows something that the rest of the world doesn’t. It doesn’t usually mean having an actual lizard attached to your skull, but in this case, that’s exactly what it means! Aw, this little fella is actually kind of cute, out with its owner for some shopping and fun. She looks like a cool human to us.

Lizard pet at walmart

I See You

I wouldn’t want to try creeping up on this guy, not with such an apt and well-placed tattoo, literally watching me from the back of his head. Puts new meaning on the expression “eyes in the back of my skull” doesn’t it? The tattoo looks like a drawing of someone’s actual eye, so we wonder whether it’s the same as the ones on the front. This dude looks like he shouldn’t be messed with, so we probably wouldn’t ask if we saw him out and about.

eye tattoo walmart

Topsy Turvy

What’s wrong with this picture? I’m pretty sure the kids are meant to go in the shopping cart, (in the seats provided) not the parents. This woman looks like she’s giving her kid quite the task, getting her from the store to the car, especially seeing as they don’t appear to have any groceries there yet either! Someone call for help, this kid is definitely in need of it. And maybe teach this woman about home delivery?

kid pushes mother walmart

Celebrity Alert

Is that who we think it is hanging out in a cart at Walmart?? That’s right, it’s Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Joan Smalls looking like they’re having the time of their lives running around Walmart doing some shopping..maybe. Rihanna is pretending to drink some coco carbone, a teeth whitening solution. Cara has accessorized with some very interesting ties and ribbons. And Joan is just trying to get through the store. All this is happening in the drink aisle.

The King of Walmart

He may not be of this world any more, but Michael Jackson still manages to pop up in the strangest of places. Here he is, (or a pretty good impersonator anyway) doing a little casual shopping at Walmart, hanging out with an unknown blonde friend, and wearing a pretty strange face mask. Could it be to help him hide his *true* identity? Or is it to impersonate his icon even more, as MJ himself was often known to hide behind masks. Who knows?!

michael jackson

Plastic Attack

Um… hang on people. Someone might actually need to do something about this one, as this isn’t our usual level of crazy wandering around Walmart. Maybe it’s a strangely taken photo, or maybe this mama has put some kind of plastic bag over her kids head as she pushes him or her around the store. Either way, we have additional questions here, and we can’t imagine what the answers might be. The couple with the coffee don’t seem too bothered, though.

plastic bag

Wonder Wom..Man

It would be anyone’s dream to meet the real Wonder Woman, especially in a Walmart. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the case with this photo. Although this dude is definitely sporting the leotard and the the helmet, his makeup and looks just don’t seem to cut it for the superheroine. Also, the most courageous thing he’s doing is buying some milk and posing in the women’s clothing section. Besides, doesn’t Wonder Woman have brown hair..?

Rave At Wamart

This is the type of outfit which you could say is inappropriate in most (if not all) situations. But a quick trip to your local Walmart is definitely not the right place to show off your eccentric taste in clothes. This woman chooses a neon getup, complete with teal underwear, a backward hat, and a bright yellow tank (which she, of course) rolled all the way up as to not cover up too much skin. At least she covered the important parts with a bikini top.


Even court jesters have to get their groceries somewhere. No seriously, who is this guy? Why is he in full jester costume in the middle of Walmart? I think that’s probably his mom, and she is probably quite rightly on a mission to get him some new clothes! But if that current outfit is his favorite, she might want to attempt something a bit more out of the box if she wants him to agree! Where’s the costume aisle?

Jester walmart


I always make sure to move out of the way when I see those handicapped vehicles coming down an aisle. Poor people, who can’t walk around the store or carry the basket themselves, and need that bit of extra help. I probably would have laughed here though, if I’d come across this lady, who has found another way for the handicapped car to be of assistance to her, as a step ladder so she can reach the higher shelves! I hope no one else is waiting for that chair, lady!

handicapped cart

Grandpa in Dress

There are lots of situations where it’s totally cool for a guy to wear a dress. Vegas, or any kind of show on the stage. Dress up, like costume parties or Halloween, and that’s not to mention Scottish guys in Kilts, or any kind of fun Saturday night on the town. But old man shopping at Walmart in a red dress wasn’t one we had seen before! Hey, he doesn’t look bothered, so you go grandpa! It looks like he may have just picked it up from fashion!

 Grandpa in Dress waLMART

Hair Tail

Hey fella? You missed a bit. We’re all for inventive hairstyles, and letting people do what they want with their own hair and bodies, but this just looks a little wrong to us. Did you forget the end of the haircut, when the hairdresser gives you the little mirror to check you’re happy with the back? Or is it like a small pet for you to walk around with, keeping your neck warm? Tell us! And put your hood up while you fill us in.

hair tail

No Shirt

For those of you getting summer withdrawal symptoms, this picture will make you be glad that it will be snowing soon and that means everyone out there will be forced to at least wear a shirt. Or at least we hope that´s what it means. This man is is taking the ´No shoes no problem´ trend and trying to create his own. In case he was wondering… We do not approve.

Game Time

You have to laugh at this one. Maybe these two are trying to win a prize for their little one, but they sure look like they are about to win a pretty bad parenting award! Ignoring their kid who waits in the shopping cart, backs to him completely, while they throw money away on an arcade game. We hope the game isn’t too engrossing, and would notice if someone approached their kid! Think he might like a turn mom and dad?

game time


This might be the winner of the weirdest pet to bring to Walmart, if we didn’t already have a baby monkey and a turtle on the list! A ferret is definitely a weird choice to bring to a grocery store, but this guy looks like he’s got a handle on it. That’s a good thing too, as ferrets can be pretty vicious, and we wouldn’t want it to get loose in the aisles, or get into any of the open produce! Maybe next time leave this fella at home, buddy.

ferret in walmart

Fox Tail

Is this a guy with the tail of a fox, or a fox with the body of a human? We’re kidding, but this is a bit strange, you have to admit. This guy seems to be getting on with his grocery shopping, happily browsing the aisles for whatever he might need, asking for tasters from the deli counter, and all the while, he is hiding one heck of a bushy secret. I’d love to know the story behind this costume choice, and where he’s going to next.

Fox tail walmart

Lizard Man

There’s really no other way to say: this man looks like the Sobe Lifewater bottle come to life and buying prescriptions from the Walmart Pharmacy. Of course, taking one iguana to do your Walmart shopping is unusual enough, but this guy didn’t want one of his pets to feel less valued, so he brought them both. At least they seem to be well trained, and they aren’t leaping off of their dad into unsuspecting customers’ hair.


It looks like the sheriff is in town, and buying his grocery needs at Walmart. Complete with a horse-patterned button up,  cowboy hat, a gun, bullets, and handcuff, this guy is ready to fight crime, enter a saloon, or partake in a Mexican Standoff with another cowboy from the Old West. Of course, not everyone seems so chill about this guy walking around Walmart with what looks like a working gun; just look at that woman’s face.

Face Mask

We’ve all been there, in the middle of an intensive beauty regimen, and you’ve just got to hit the shops and get something before closing time. So what’s to do? You can’t wipe it all off and waste the hard-earned cash, but there’s another half an hour of your deep face mask treatment left! Just head out with it on your face, that’s the only answer! It clearly was the only answer for this woman anyway, who is happily getting on with her day, mask intact.

face mask

If You’ve Got it.. Flaunt it!

This couple could be a husband and wife, or it could be a father and daughter, but the guy certainly gets all of our attention here! He’s wearing cut off denim shorts, and some pretty funky leggings, pairing it with pumps, and then a normal looking shirt on top. In fact, he looks like one of those games you play where you turn the top and bottom separately and try to make a match. We think it needs another spin!

father and daughter

Traffic Jam

What happens when a bunch of these mobility scooters get together? Ultimate traffic jam! This is one of the funniest sights we’ve seen in Walmart lately, with four people all queueing up behind one another, seemingly waiting for the little old lady at the front to get moving! We’ve all been there in the street when someone won’t move fast enough, but why oh why wont the rest of these guys just go around her?

traffic carts

Angry Shirt

We see you! And we’re staying away. If you feel the need to address any passing stranger with a custom-made angry t-shirt yelling “Can You See Me Now, A**hole?” then you probably don’t want to be engaged in polite conversation about the price of string cheese and yogurt. I don’t know whether this is a cyclist who is angry at motorists, or just a human being who wants to stand out from the crowd, but this shirt certainly gets them seen, anyway.

angry shirt

Changing Rooms

There’s always such a queue for the fitting rooms, so hey, why wait? Just try on the jacket over your regular clothes, or pull a skirt up over your pants to save time. This guy seems to have taken that logic a bit further though, by getting pretty much totally undressed in the middle of the store, hopefully to try on other clothes, but who knows? We think if people can see your underwear then you’re probably taking it too far Sir.

changing rooms

Captain America

We hope the teller is hurrying up here, cause the universe doesn’t wait! When your next customer is Captain America, you better get bagging those groceries nice and quick, or there could be real collateral damage! I’d love to see the faces of the other shoppers as they sneak glances at a superhero in their midst. He might be on the way to a costume party, or he might be the real deal, saving the universe one Walmart at a time.

captain america walmart

Hard Core

Sometimes people’s fashion sense can be a little…over the top. But this guy definitely knows how to dress. At least he knows how to dress for a grunge party for twelve year olds. It’s hard to tell whether or not he actually has a septum piercing in his nose, or if it’s just plastic stick-on jewelry. But it doesn’t really matter, as long as he is ready and able to attach chains from his nose to his ears to pull together his BDSM-esque look.

Pizza Power

We’re pretty sure that the Ninja Turtles live in a sewer under the streets of New York City. But then again, even Ninja Turtles need to go and buy themselves something nice once in a while. Of course, this Ninja Turtle diversified his look a bit, by adding a big black belt to hold up his even bigger green…skirt? Maybe he was going for a Scottish kilt look along with the turtle shell on his back. The thing we’re most curious about, however, is what on earth he was looking for at Walmart.

There’s a Bug On Your…

A weird outfit altogether, we find the strangest part of this, the cuddly bug attached to this young woman’s ankle. Could it be a temporary bandage after she hurt herself, or maybe she doesn’t want to lose it, so she’s put it somewhere she can’t forget. I couldn’t say. But that, along with the animal print shirt let’s us know that she’s a real animal lover, and a pretty out of the box dresser right along with it.

bugs life walmart

Monkey See Monkey Do

We’ve heard of taking your pet out to get some fresh air, but this has to break some kind of rules somewhere, no? This woman has brought a baby monkey out on her shopping trip, keeping him close inside her coat, maybe for warmth as he seems like he’s a pretty young newborn monkey, or maybe to keep him hidden from the security cameras, as it must be against Walmart policy to have wild animals wandering about!



When you go to buy a pet, the rules are that you have to be willing to take it out for exercise, especially when it’s a puppy, or three! This lady has multiple dogs with her, and she’s definitely taken them out with her, but we don’t think this is the kind of exercise that she’s meant to be doing with them! For starters, they are in the shopping cart, while she pushes them about! We suggest the park next time, and giving them somewhat more freedom to roam.

multiple puppies walmart

Walmart Clauses

Grandparents tend to get carried away with their grandchildren, especially during holiday season. Thats why when this little guy went to visit his grandparents, they’d prepared a Christmas treat- a trip to Walmart in coordinating Christmas costumes. We’re sure this went down well in Walmart, hence the huge smiles on their faces!

A Slight Slip

Whilst this guy was leaving his local Walmart, it seems he had a slight slip up. We can’t be the ones to assume whether or not he knew about it, but he didn’t seem to care regardless. With no bags whilst exiting the store, perhaps he was walking around Walmart like this purely to entertain everyone. We’ll never know.

Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

We think this could be voted every school girls worst nightmare. You’ve got to check your shoes before leaving the bathroom, but its so easy to forget to check anywhere else. This girl freely  roamed around Walmart whilst being totally unaware there was a cape of toilet paper following her every move. Shame. This should act as a reminder to check yourself for a potential toilet paper cape after using the bathroom.

Sneaker Snip

At first we wondered whether this woman couldn’t afford new shoes as her feet had outgrown the sneakers, and had resorted to having to cut the ends off the existing ones. But actually, we don’t think that’s the case here. It looks like she just had a pretty dope pedicure, and decided the world needed to see those bright blue toes. Seems like a waste of some shoes, but hey, to each their own. Maybe she’s heading to the shoe section.

sneaker snip

Comfort Is Key

If you’ve never worn a fluffy onesie- you have to. They make you feel as if you can’t imagine life without it, you can’t even manage to take it and leave it off. That’s exactly what this guy thought. He was wearing his onesie, knew he had reached maximum comfort and so didn’t bother taking it off for his trip to Walmart.

Walmart Dog

This guy definitely could not leave his dog home as he went to stock up in Walmart. Most people bring their dogs on a leash, maybe even in a bag if its a small dog. This guy likes to keep his dog close at all times and here in Walmart, anything goes, so whilst this guy was paying at the self-service check out, his dog was just relaxing on his shoulder.


Walmart Suit

There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing the locals of your town get into the festive holiday spirit, especially as Christmas approaches. As it gets closer to Christmas, Walmart come out with great deals as well as amazing and funny products. This guy got his holiday suit at Walmart and decided to save it for a special occasion- to re-visit Walmart.

Dress Up

Visiting Walmart for daily supplies always has the potential to be much more entertaining than someone going to buy milk would think it would be. This time in Walmart, a guy decided to channel a garden gnome. Yep, that’s right- a human-sized garden gnome strolling around Walmart, picking up whatever is on his shopping list.


Go bananas! This checkout guy was clearly surprised to see someone buy Walmart’s entire banana supply and so are we. It’s not everyday you can shock an employee at Walmart, especially with all the crazy and hilarious things that happen down the aisles. Maybe this checkout guy is realizing he now has to scan over 200 bananas- fun.

Taking a break

Let’s be honest; grocery shopping is not something we do for fun. Nope, we don’t wake up in the morning thinking how cool it would be to go and pick up another carton of juice, or how neat it would be to pick up the latest computer accessory. Instead, it’s bloomin’ tiring. So, what do you do when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the stress of the aisles? Well, this guy has the right idea. You take a nap, of course.

Grocery shopping can be tiring, so why not take a nap in the aisles?

Enjoying The Show

It usually is the men of the family who get bored of shopping first. Here you have a classic moment. A father and his two sons sit patiently and comfortably watching a show whilst the mom is likely running frantically around the store trying to get everything the family needs. If there’s seating by the tv’s, this must happen all the time!

Electrician Flash

When the local electrician was called to fix something in Walmart, no-one knew it would be such a show. Stereo-typically, to be an electrician, a little slip of the crack is likely to happen. But we do wonder why this guy even bothers to wear a belt, when it clearly does not hold his pants in place, even in the slightest way.

Could You Just Hold For One Minute?

Lovely. Whilst on a phone call, possibly to a customer, this Walmart employee is dealing with a serious case of wedgie. Without even turning around to check nobody is behind him, this guy did the deed. Lucky for him, there was people surrounding him and managed to have a phone camera open for the exact moment to happen.

Pets are welcome

It’s fair to say that we’re pretty darn obsessed with our pets. If we could, we’d take our dogs, cats, ferrets, and even our fish everywhere with us if we could. However, there are some people out there who don’t look after your average household pets. Yuh-huh, there are some people out there who have squirrels for pets (why not, am I right?) This guy is so attached to his pet squirrel, he couldn’t bear to be apart from him.

Pets aren’t exactly unusual in Walmart, but a pet squirrel definitely is unusual

Dreading the Answer

Hygiene seems to have gone out of the window here, as this person has let their hair become one incredibly thick long dreadlock, all the way down their back. Their last haircut must have been literally years ago, and we wonder whether the same is true of a good old shampoo and conditioner situation. We can’t tear our eyes away from this supposed ‘hairstyle’ but we wouldn’t want to get too close, in case the aversion to haircare stretches to general cleanliness.

single dread walmart

Record Breaking Nails

This one makes us cringe every time! Believe it or not, these are not the longest nails in the Guinness World Records, not by a long shot. So does she just like them this way, or is she trying to win some kind of bet? We can’t even imagine how she gets through the day, from taking her credit card out of her wallet to pay, to dialling on her phone! In fact, the only thing she must be pretty good at, is back scratching! Ew!

nails walmart

Paint Much?

This guy looks pretty mad to have been snapped on camera, and in fairness, covered in paint he probably isn’t having the best day. It could be his job, as an artist or a painter, or he could have just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time covered in paint and artists supplies, I suppose with that angry expression, we shouldn’t ask him, so we might just have to leave the answers up to our imagination!

paint covered walmart


This photo makes us wince, as it looks like someone seriously forgot the sunblock. We hope they are heading straight to the health and beauty section to pick up some aloe vera or some after-sun lotion, cause that baby is going to seriously sting by the morning. Their friend seems to be unhurt, so maybe they got a bit stingy with their own sun block, or maybe someone seriously wanted a tan, whatever the cost!


Playing dress-up

Okay, we’re really not sure what we’re looking at here. Either this is some kind of fancy dress costume gone wrong, or this fairy just doesn’t want to be seen. Nevertheless, we have to admire this guy’s courage for rocking this look. We really hope he’s walking towards the rubber boots to complete the outfit even more though – because that would look even more awful, and that’s what he’s going for, right? We might even consider this for our next Walmart outing.

This guy’s outfit is either a fancy dress costume gone wrong, or he doesn’t want to be seen