These Dogs Got A Second Chance At Life, And We’re Trying Not To Cry


Lucky Dogs Rescued Moments Before It Was Too Late

These poor pups were in a very bad way, some were just moments away from a cruel death. Luckily, these incredible animal lovers found them in the nick of time and gave them a second chance at life. These stories will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye…so grab the tissues before you start.

He Wasn’t Even Recognizable

On a dirt road next to the village of Udaipur in Northern India, a strange looking creature was found wandering around, looking distressed. He was discovered by Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue organization, when a concern citizen posted a picture of the creature on Facebook. The team knew that they had to take action and get to the poor animal as quickly as possible.

What type of animal is this?

The picture of the creature was very disturbing, as no one was able to figure out exactly what it was, and if it was supposed to look like that at all. A rescue team from Animal Aid Unlimited knew it had no time to lose, and set out to find this poor creature in need of help. They didn’t know how much time they would have to locate it.


When the rescue team arrived, the found the creature wandering around alone. As they cautiously approached him, the team were shocked to find out that this strange looking animal was actually a dog! His face had been swollen beyond recognition making both sides of his head disproportional. Despite the dog’s terrible condition, his demeanor was actually quite friendly, and he became curious about the rescuers.

Turns out he was a dog

Although for the first minute or so, the dog was understandably wary, he realized rather quickly that the team was there to help him, and he approached them without fear and with his tail wagging happily. Once they were able to get a good enough look at the dog’s face, they understood that his condition was critical, and that he needed medical attention as quickly as possible.

The dog approached them without fear

Although the dog was seemingly friendly, the rescuers knew that it was still a stray dog with in poor condition, so they had to figure out a way to gently coax him to go with them to the rescue center. They begin giving him treats and talking to him soothingly.The team knew that they only had one chance to get the dog, because if he took off for the nearby woods, there would be no chance of ever catching him.

The team gives the dog some treats to calm him

After a few minutes of giving the stray dog treats and letting him get comfortable enough with them, the rescuers were able to attempt their plan to get the dog in their truck. While one rescuer distracted the dog with some food, the other one carefully snuck up behind him and gently slipped a net around the dog. With a sigh of relief, the rescuers had him, and the dog was one step closer to getting medical care.

They managed to slip a net over the dog

With the dog safely in the net, the rescuers were able to scoop him up in a big basket, and carry him over to their truck. Although this dog was a bit tricky, Animal Aid Unlimited has been together since 2002, working to rescue animals of every kind who need help. So they were confident that they could help this poor dog as well, even though he was in really bad condition when they got to him.

They carried him over to the truck

Once the rescuers got the dog to their animal sanctuary, they brought him straight in for a medical examination to see why his face was so swollen and deformed. After a careful examination by the vets at the sanctuary, they discovered that the dog was ailed by an enormous abscess on the side of his face. They confirmed this by attempting to puncture it with a needle and seeing if there was something to drain.

They carefully examined the dog's face

After confirming the abscess on the poor dog’s face, the vets knew that they had to get to work straight away. They gave the dog some sedative to put him out during the procedure and shaved the entire side of his face that was swollen. They then began the surgery to open and drain the abscess and then clean and disinfect the wound it left. The vets could not believe the size of the abscess on the dog’s face, and wondered how he was getting along with it for so long.

They started the draining procedure

After opening and draining the abscess, the vets realized that the enormous cavity it left would have to be taken care of as well. Even though they drained as much of it as they could, the team made another small incision into the dog’s face and inserted a small drainage pipe into the hole, so that it could continue draining, even after the surgery was complete and the pup was stitched back up.

finishing up his surgery

The surgery was a great success, and within a few hours, the dog started to wake up from his ordeal. While very groggy and quite confused at what had just happened to him, the dog’s demeanor was calm and content. Despite the shaved area and the small bit of swelling around the incision, the dog woke up with an entirely unrecognizable face. The team could finally see his jawline properly, and could understand how he was supposed to look.

The dog finally began waking up from his surgery

After only two short weeks, the dog had made a full recovery from his surgery. The swelling from the incision was down, all of his facial fur had grown back, and he finally had the facial shape of a happy and healthy dog. The rescue team posted a video to Youtube to show how well the dog recovered and how well he was doing running around with the other animals at the sanctuary.

A happy, healthy dog

Not only was the dog able to start socializing with other dogs in the sanctuary, but he began to love humans even more. He was finally able to see that people were there to help him, not to hurt him. After discovering this, he became one of the most friendly pups in the sanctuary, getting cuddles from everyone he met.


The pup is now happier than ever, enjoying his new life living in the animal sanctuary. He loves the other animals and loves all of the staff. This dog has gone through a complete transformation from when he was found wandering the streets suffering with a swollen abscess that he would have died from, to running around happily with his new friends at the animal sanctuary. This story definitely has a happy ending.

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She Was Dumped On The Side Of The Road

Judy Obregon was driving down a highway in her home state of Texas, when she noticed something strange on the side of the road. At first, she was convinced that it was just a pile of garbage or maybe an old burlap sack. Normally, Judy would have continued driving without a second thought, but when she leaned in for a closer look, what she saw made her stomach drop.

Judy Obregon driving

Judy was about to continue driving, but she had a gut feeling that she needed to take a closer look. And it’s a really good thing she did, because that thing on the side of the road was no bag of garbage. It was a dog! At first, the dog looked dead, but Judy got out to investigate further. She waited for a few moments and then saw the dog begin to twitch. It was at this moment that Judy knew she had to do something, and fast.

The pile of garbage was a dog

Judy cautiously approached the dog, in case she was hurt or aggressive. But as soon as the pup saw Judy coming towards her, she lifted her head and began to wag her tail happily. Judy came up to greet the dog and further examine why she was laying on the side of the road. When Judy finally got close enough to her, however, she noticed something about the dog’s condition that was utterly heartbreaking.

The poor pup was dumped on the side of the road

This was not Judy’s first time coming to the rescue of an abandoned dog. In May of 2017, Judy found what she calls an “animal dumping ground” and went on to rescue the abandoned dogs she found there. As if she had found her true calling, Judy founded The Abandoned Ones, a non profit animal rescue organization. Ever since starting The Abandoned Ones, Judy has rescued over 300 dogs, many coming from the “dumping ground” she’d found the first few in.

Mercy raises her head

Judy discovered the reason that the dog hadn’t moved from the side of the road, where she was most likely abandoned. The poor pup’s hind legs were damaged so badly that she was unable to move them at all. The dog was dragging herself, hind legs dangling behind her, a few inches at a time. But it was obvious that the dog was in pain when she tried to move. Judy knew that there was not a moment to lose.

Her hind legs were badly damamged

Judy scooped the dog up very carefully, and put her in the back of her car. She then drove immediately to the closest veterinarian to have a look and see what she could do for the hurt pup. When she got to the Veterinarian, they concluded that the dog’s hind legs were both broken in multiple places, and by the looks of it, it was done purposefully by an animal abuser.

She was taken to the vet

But the scary news got even scarier. Not only were the poor dog’s legs completely shattered, by what was most likely a human being, but the veterinarians explained to Judy that the dog’s condition was extremely severe. Due to the nature of her injuries, the vets were convinced that she would never be able to walk on them again. The dog would remain paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Her legs were completely shattered

In the meantime, Mercy was fitted with a doggy wheelchair, so that she could at least be somewhat mobile, while the vets figured out something to do. Even though Mercy’s condition was severe, she was nothing but happy and grateful that she was receiving all of this love and care from Judy and the vets at the animal hospital. Judy was eternally grateful that she was able to rescue Mercy, but she didn’t stop there.

Mercy in her doggy wheelchair

Even though her future looked grim, Judy decided that she was not going to give up on the dog, who she’d decided to call Mercy. All of the vets in the animal hospital fell in love with Mercy, and her sweet, docile nature. Mercy was given food and water, and a heart worm test, which she tested negative for. She then went in to get an x-ray to get a better idea of exact what her condition looked like.

Mercy was so kind and loving

The x-ray showed that Mercy would need a rather complicated operation to have two plates put in for her two most severe fractures. This kind of operation is complex and extremely expensive, and Judy did not have the money to put out. So she decided to turn to Facebook for help. Judy posted on her The Abandoned Ones page, appealing to the public to offer donations to help poor Mercy.

Judy appealed to the public for help with donations

Luckily, Mercy was able to win over the public, with her heartbreaking story and kind face. Pretty soon, donations began pouring in, and Mercy received enough to put her through the surgery. The day Mercy went in for surgery, she was as happy as could be, as if she knew that she was finally going to get the help she needed. Mercy gave all of the vets kisses before being wheeled into the operating room for her life-changing surgery.

Everyone at the vet loved Mercy

The surgery was a success! It was so successful, that the vets agreed that there was potential for Mercy to someday be able to walk again. But Mercy still had a long way to go in the healing process. She was still extremely unstable, and needed to be in an environment where she could receive constant care and support during her road to recovery from her trauma and her surgery.

Mercy recovering from surgery

After the surgery, Mercy continued receive lots of love and support from the vets working at the clinic. She was so happy to be around people who showed her kindness and care, instead of hurting her.


Luckily for Mercy, things finally seemed to be starting to go her way. She began to recover, and was spayed and adopted by a loving couple, who fell for her in an instant. Not only was the couple there to help Mercy, but she also managed to land herself two furry siblings to play with. With the help of Judy, the vets, and ultimately her new family, Mercy made a full recovery and began walking normally again.

Mercy in her new family home

Mercy’s story began as a very sad one, but thank to the help of Judy, it has a happy ending. Mercy went from dying on the side of the road with broken hind legs, to finding true happiness in her forever home. The kindness of people like Judy means more to these dogs than can even be described. Dogs like Mercy should be given up on, all they need is a little bit of loving kindness, and the love you will get back from them is indescribable.

A happy ending for Mercy

Duke’s Saving Grace

For the residents of a neighborhood in South Texas, a tragic site had become a daily normality. For quite some time, a small, battered looking pup sat on the same blue, ever more battered looking arm chair that was dumped on a sidewalk next to an empty lot. No matter what the weather was like outside, the dog would not move from the dirty old armchair. No matter if there was rain or shine, the sad looking dog could always be found sitting on the chair.

The poor dog wouldn't move from his chair

The dog, whose name is Duke, was in a pretty bad state. He was covered in mange and scabs, and was barely skin and bones. Most likely, he was abused by his previous owners, who ended up moving and abandoning him there. Duke’s previous owners threw out their armchair, along with their dog. So Duke sat patiently on the armchair waiting for his family to come back to him. Sadly, this wasn’t going to ever happen.

Poor abused puppy

The only times the dog would get down from the armchair was when he got really hungry. Sometimes, passerby would throw him a bit of food here and there. There were also garbage cans nearby, so he would walk over and scrounge for whatever food he could find. Then, when he finished eating the scrשps, he would run right back to the armchair. The poor pup was waiting so nicely for such a long time.

a sad sight for dog lovers

Despite the fact that Duke had been sitting there for weeks on end, nobody seemed to want anything to do with him. No one was kind enough to try and help him out. Until one day, a stranger decided to try and do something to help. He took to Facebook and posted a picture of Duke. He posted: “Can anyone rescue? My mom said he’s roamed around here for a while. He has very bad mange to the point that he looks bloody. He is also very skinny.”

A kind stranger posted a picture of Duke on Facebook for help

Thankfully, it was Duke’s lucky day. Leslie Ysuhuaylas is a Texas resident, but she volunteers for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, an animal rescue organization. Leslie happened to see the post about the dog, and she knew she had to come and help. She sent over some volunteers to try and get Duke to leave his beloved armchair. The dog had been badly abused, so he was extremely wary and did not come easily.

They triedto get a scared Duke into their possession

After a lot of time, patience, and gentle coaxing, the volunteers were able to gain Duke’s trust enough to get him wrapped in a towel and into to back of their car. While in the car on the way to the veterinarian, they talked nicely to him and gave him some treats. The volunteers knew that Duke’s condition was very poor, andthat getting him to the vet ASAP was imperative. So they rushed him over to the Dallas clinic.

Duke wrapped in towels going to the vet

When Duke got to the clinic, the vets could immediately see just how bad a shape he was in. They rushed him back to be seen and the examination began. The vets found that he needed to be treated for a number of ailments, including dehydration, anemia, fleas, mange, and cataracts. But aside from those things, there was something much worse happening to Duke, that really worried the vets.

Duke gets to the vet clinic

The vets treated Duke for a number of ailments fairly easily, but then they opened his mouth and looked inside. Duke’s teeth had been filed down very low, so that they were mostly just nubs. Unfortunately, this probably means that Duke was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring. This is a horrible fate for any dog, and is like most likely reason for Duke’s timidness in the beginning.

Poor Duke was used as bait

“Bait dogs” are, unfortunately, a common practice in dog-fighting. Some of the smaller, weaker dogs are not fit for fighting, so they are used as practice for the bigger dogs. They are declawed, tied down and have their teeth filed down or removed completely so that they cannot defend themselves. Then they are thrown into the ring to rile up the fighting dogs, and give them practice for maiming another dog.

Bait dogs are used a props in fighting rings

Even though Duke was only around two years old, the poor dog had already had a really hard life. Not only had he been mutilated for the purpose of being a chew toy for bigger dogs, but an infection had also caused most of his fur to fall out leaving him mostly bald. Also his mange was so bad, that he was more scabs and blood than he was skin. His road to recovery was going to be very long indeed.

The poor dog has been through too much already

Over the next month, Duke spent his time under the constant care of the vets at the Dallas clinic. Fortunately, through the kindness and care he received from the doctors, his fur stared growing back and his skin infections began to clear. It seemed there was finally a glimmer of hope in an otherwise hard and painful lifetime. During that time, Duke began to feel more confident around humans who didn’t try to hurt him.

Duke is starting to feel like a happy dog again

During this month of being around kind people for what might have been the first time in his life, Duke began to let people approach him freely. He especially loved cuddles from his rescuer, Leslie. What an incredible transformation for a dog that was so horribly abused.


After a month long recovery, Duke finally began to start looking and feeling like a normal dog. He was able to play and interact with both humans and other dogs, a difficult feat for a former bait dog. Leslie was beyond pleased to see the progress Duke had made in a relatively short time. He began to develop a curiosity about humans, other dogs, and new places to go and play. He began to truly enjoy life.

Duke playing in a nearby lake

When Duke was fully recovered and well enough for a road trip, it was time to say goodby to everyone in the Dallas clinic. Leslie loaded him up in the car, and they began the journey back to New York City. When they got to New York, Duke was put up for adoption by Leslie’s organization, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She posted his pictures and his story to Facebook, to begin the search for his forever home.

Duke loaded up and ready to go to NYC

Not surprisingly, Duke’s story caught wind on Facebook, and he was adopted not long after getting to New York. He now enjoys a life full of happiness and love, which is a long way from the abuse and abandonment he had dealt with for the first chapter of his life. Leslie still checks in on Duke every once in a while, and she says that “He is a beloved family member who’s treated with kindness and respect…”

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