Alcohol and LDL, Liverwurst and Coffee


You may have heard that a number of studies have suggested that having one glass of red wine a day is really good for the heart. Even if it’s true that some sorts of alcohol have a number of benefits, it pays to be extremely careful about drinking any kind of alcohol.


As you are already aware, the cholesterol in your body is made up of two diverse types: LDL and HDL. While normal level of cholesterol will be extremely diverse depending on the varying personal background and genetic factors for every individual, doctors prefer to see LDL levels at or below 100 mg/dl and HDL 60mg/dl above.

Some current medical researchers have discovered that drinking in moderation could lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease through increasing levels of HDL in the blood. Specifically, red wine might give the greater advantages as it has the higher concentrations of naturally occurring compounds with antioxidant properties which assist protect the walls of your arteries.

On the other hand, these advantages should be balanced against the known risk factors of drinking alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol will raise blood pressure and enhance the level of fat in your blood stream. The term “too much” is basically understood to mean one glass a day for women and more than 2 for men.

What is more, alcohol could result in increased risk for specific medical issues such as cancers, diseases of the liver such as cirrhosis as well as the risk of dependency?

The Best Liverwurst to Eat

The best liverwurst available so far can be obtained from US Wellness. It is 50 percent beef trim, 20 percent liver, 15 percent heart and 15 percent kidney and grass fed. Also, they have braunschweiger which is 60 percent trim as well as 40 percent liver.

Conventional scrapple was amazing: pig parts, buckwheat as well as bone broth prepared into kind of a pork polenta which is chilled as well as pan-fried. At this point in time scrapple is further a mixed bag, in view of the fact that you acquire it in the food establishment and they have started utilizing wheat flour as well as cornmeal rather than buckwheat. When you are trying to keep away from wheat flour—as you perhaps should—the key is looking for a place which makes scrapple that has buckwheat or cornmeal.

coffe and tea

Is Coffee Good for Health?

Just like tea, coffee is rich in antioxidants that could assist to avoid cancer and a whole host of other illnesses. A research conducted at Harvard shows that women who drank two or three cups of coffee a day had a 25 percent lower risk of heart-related death compared to women who were not regular coffee drinkers. The study revealed no particular heart-related advantage for men though. Other studies have revealed that people drinking coffee on a regular basis had a much lower risk of developing type II diabetes. The amount of use was a factor as well- the more they drank, the lower the risk of diabetes.