8 Alternative Therapies That You Haven’t Heard Of


Sometimes alternative therapy can work where traditional methods have failed. Say for example someone is suffering from depression; the current standard treatment for depression is antidepressants and sometimes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Perhaps the client is against taking medication or medication was not providing the relief they need. They may look for an alternative therapy that will alleviate their symptoms and resolve as well as release the original triggers and causes for the depression. Millions of people use alternative therapies to treat their troubles. They continue to use it since it works for them. Western medication works, so why not alternative treatments. Some have been around for thousands of years. Here, you will learn and know the top 8 alternative therapies that you must consider.

1. Curcumin

Many people know that the standard treatment for depression is antidepressants. For many years, researchers have proved that curcumin has the ability to treat depression. It is considered as the primary phytonutrient that can be found in turmeric spice. Curcumin is effective in treating placebos or conventional anti-depressants. In the year 2015, researchers found that curcumin made anti-depressants more effective and this year, researchers confirmed the amazing curcumin benefits in major depression.


2. Exercise

Most doctors recommend exercise for physical ailments treatment such as sarcopenia, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. Exercise really works and it is broadly accepted that it works. Apart from this, exercise can also be an effective prime therapy for depression. Exercise is perfect for those people who don’t respond to SSRIs. One study shows that 30% of people whose depression didn’t respond to anti-depressants experienced complete remission while performing their exercise routine. In addition to this, exercise enhanced the quality of sleep of depressed patients.

3. Psychedelics for Anxiety, Addiction, and Depression

In terms of patients who are suffering from terminal cancer, a single dose of psilocybin has the ability to abolished anxiety and depression. Ketamine is considered as a powerful sedative that produces psychedelic effects. A single dose of Ketamine can abolish depression within 24 hours and it lasts for up to 3 weeks. Ibogaine is considered as an African psychedelic that is intended for addiction therapy. It is effective against nicotine addiction and alcoholism.


4. Red Light for Hair Loss, Thyroiditis, Cellulite, Macular Degeneration and Joint Pain

Patients who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis make use of red light therapy to increase their microcirculation in the knee and reduce their pain scores. Exposure to red light therapy can increase your blood flow and at the same time enhanced fracture healing.

5. Fecal Transplants

For those people who want to treat their drug-resistant C. diff infections, Fecal Transplants is the ultimate treatment for this type of illness. This is considered as the single most effective treatment for this ailment.

6. Helminths

For those individuals who are suffering from intestinal diseases, allergies, multiple sclerosis, celiac and asthma, helminthic therapy is the perfect treatment for you.

7. Forest Bathing for Immune Health, Hypertension, Diabetes and Stress

If you have hypertension, diabetes, and stress, forest bathing is an effective alternative therapy for you.

Forest Bathing

8. Low-Dose NaltrexoneWhen it comes to opioid or alcohol addiction, a normal dose of Naltrexone inhibits GABA activity, blocks opioid receptors and prevents the release of dopamine.

When it comes to opioid or alcohol addiction, a normal dose of Naltrexone inhibits GABA activity, blocks opioid receptors and prevents the release of dopamine.
These alternative therapies that stated above are proven effective, so try it now!