7 Simple, but Effective Exercises When Done Right

Living a healthy and long life is what everyone is aiming for, regardless if it is for better or for worse. One way to do that is staying adequately active by doing exercises that helps keep you fit. It does not matter if your aim is to bulk up or just to maintain a figure. Regular exercise is important if you want to maintain your good health.

However, regularly doing exercise is not enough. It requires that each one should be done properly to make it efficiently work towards what you are aiming for because a good technique is always necessary.

Here are seven exercise that you can do if you want your exercises to show results that you can also feel.

7 Simple, but Effective Exercises When Done Right

1. Walking

This is easy to do, and it can be done anywhere. It can be done on treadmills when you are in the gym, or simply walking around your neighborhood. A good pair of shoes is all you need.

If you are just starting to be less sedentary, then, you can start off with five to 10-minute walks in the beginning. Add a minute every time you do it until you reach the 30-minute mark. If you already are at that point, maybe add some hills or quicken your pace so that you would not plateau.

2. Interval Training

This is the kind of training that helps burn more calories and improves your fitness levels. All you need to do is vary your training’s intensity as you go along.
What you can do is push your training to the limit for at least a minute or two. Then step back for a while. This will depend on how recovery time you will need. If you need help, ask a trainer to fine-tune your rest period.

3. Squats

Many suggests doing squats because of how efficient it is as it works several major muscle groups.

To properly do this, you have to make sure that your knees remain above your ankles, and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Your buttocks should be positioned like you were sitting down. Do at least 12 repetitions. Add weights to increase intensity.

4. Lunges

Just like squats, lunges work on major lower body muscles, and that is why it is a perfect workout to perform.

You just have to keep your back straight and bend your front knee at a 90-degree angle. Always remind yourself to prevent your back knee to touch the floor.

5. Push-Ups

Basic as it may be, push-ups work on your upper body including your core muscles.

When doing push-ups, remember to engage your core muscles. Maintain a straight line from feet/knees to your shoulders and go as low as you can, pushing back up through your elbows.

6. Crunches

There are two proper ways of doing crunches. You could either have your feet on the ground, or have your feet raised with both knees bent.

7 Simple, but Effective Exercises When Done Right

7. Bent-Over Rows

It works on all the muscle groups on your back, and the triceps as well.
To perform it well, your back needs to be straight while making sure your core remains engaged. Then, bend your elbows, lifting your elbows towards the sides of your body. To increase the intensity, you can do it with dumbbells or bars.

These seven exercises can help you immensely, as long as you do them right. Not doing so will just cause you unnecessary pain without the proper result.